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tunerd is a very simple daemon to control an FM tuner.

Why did I write this? I found that most FM tuner control programs opened the device (/dev/tuner), set the property (frequency), and closed the device again. This is fine on most tuners, but my USB FM tuner always turned off when the device was closed. I needed a program that would always keep the device open - hence tunerd.

Where can I get tunerd? You can download it from the tunerd project page.

Because tunerd always keeps the device open it needs some way to be controlled so that other programs can talk to the FM tuner. To allow this tunerd will listen on a TCP/IP socket for requests to set/get various FM tuner attributes. This package also has another program called setuner which controls the FM tuner by talking to tunerd. I use this to control my FM tuner from a web page and cgi-bin script.